Architectural Concept

Roses & Xocolate born out of the desire of owner Carol Kolozs Fischer to restore and bring to life two old mansions located in the emblematic and most important Avenue Paseo de Montejo in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. To this end, he contacted a team of architects, interior designers and restorers to carry out the concept in mind: which was to create a fusion between the traditional and contemporary design to achieve a perfect blend between artistic and modern trends as applied to a luxury hotel.
Rosas & Xocolate is much more than a designed hotel it is an authored hotel, the owner created a concept that combines in perfect harmony, art, fashion and architecture, resulting in an integral experience that involves a visual sensorial delight that meets the most demanding taste, without forgetting the comfort, technology and services that demand our customers.
Roses & Xocolate is situated in two renovated colonial mansions in the most important and emblematic Avenue of Merida. The design elements and materials used reflect distinctive applications of the Yucatecan colonial culture at the beginning of the twentieth century, European influence and infinite Mayan culture, fused with modern and trendy designs creating an eclectic harmony that stimulates all of our senses.
All of the spaces reflect a special quality found in homes of more than 100 years, generously proportioned with double height ceilings to breathe and feel complete tranquility.
Natural materials and handcrafted finishes combine with modern elements to create a harmonious balance. The sisal, red earth and limestone materials complement the palette echoing the aesthetic experience of ancient and contemporary, a destination within time.