Mayan Refuge

Let yourself be covered in Xocolate and enjoy the majesty of the sensory experiences of the best SPA experience in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, undoubtedly recognized as a “Sensory Refuge SPA” as we use the technique 'high-touch, low-tech', which incorporates a greater amount of human contact and less technology in order to provide you the greatest benefits of treatments inspired by ancient techniques and traditional indigenous Mexican culture along with the use of natural ingredients, completely Mexican and organic as herbs, spices, essential oils, roses and of course our exquisite chocolate that we mix in order to create products full of physical and spiritual benefits. For this reason we are known as a Gourmet SPA preparing with devotion each of our products.

Our SPA:
Justified Pleasure
Our specialty:
Xocolatherapies in all its forms, ancient and invigorating paste made with 100% pure cacao, elaborated in Yucatan in the most traditional ways.
Our environment:
Transcends, considered as unique as it inspires by the Cacao, aphrodisiac, stimulating and satisfying.

Our Menu: Authentic Gourmet SPA that delights all of the senses.