Rosas & Xocolate

“Entering those abandoned mansions, built with French aesthetics and nostalgic poetry, demanded a rejuvenation of their lives." — Carol Kolozs Fischer

Rosas & Xocolate is the result of a multi-year project beginning in 2007 to restore the beauty of two exquisite, historic mansions.

Architectural firm Reyes Ríos | Larrain brought all of their vision and experience in recovering numerous colonial haciendas to bear on breathing new life into the Rosas & Xocolate Boutique Hotel. The cooperation of architects, artists and the hotel's owner, Mr. Carol Kolozs Fischer, resulted in a creative and romantic design.

The designers collaborated to fashion custom floors and upholstery to match the stunning spaces, restored antiques and created pieces of art that can be found throughout the hotel. Upon entering the hotel, the fine wood furniture, water gardens, lighting design and high-tech installations make guests part of something magical.

Rosas & Xocolate is a celebration of love, life and culture: an experience we want to share.

17 unique experiences.

Each of our one-of-a-kind guest rooms becomes your personal sanctuary.

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